Here at R'n'R we pride ourselves on being a bit different and thinking outside the box.

We do not only offer Complementary therapies but also offer a few other services. Our services are currently not available as community sessions but are provided from your premises. 

Examples of places sessions can be held include schools, after school clubs, nurseries, care homes, guides/ scout halls or even within the workplace. 

Services include-

* Relax kids sessions

* Taiji Shibashi Qigong


Relax Kids

Relax Kids was created in 2001 by the lovely Marneta Veigas. Relax Kids is a pioneering company in the feild or mindfulness and relaxation for kids and now its grown to include adults. Marneta developed a beautiful 7 step programme taking you from high energy to chilled out and relaxed.

Depending on the age of the children parents/ carers are expected to stay.

Magical Adventures (5-9 year)

Chill Skills (9+ years)

Shibashi Taiji/ Qigong

Shibashi is a beautiful blend of taiji and qigong. A stunning set of 18 qigong exercises based on the principles of taiji. This can be performed standing or seated. Learn your Dao Yin and how to use this daily to get your day off to the best start.

Shibashi is deeply relaxing, it improves your breathing, suppleness and improve joint mobility.