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Kinetic Chain Release

Kinetic Chain Release (KCR)

KCR was developed by Hugh Gilbert a Physiotherapist from Govan, Scotland. He created this protocol over 30 years during his 45+ years physiotherapy career.

This is a simple and effective protocol using a series of mobilizations and stretches to help return the body to its natural dynamic state.

KCR works directly on a number of internal structures including skeletal system, muscular system and connective tissue system.


KCR brings relief from:

Carpal Tunnel                         Chronic Fatigue                          Chronic knee issues

Sprained Ankles                      Migraine                                   Headaches

Scoliosis                                 Teeth Clenching                         Tight calves

Tired shoulders                        Pain between shoulders              IBS

Chronic stress                         Breathing difficulties                   Plantar fasciitis

Chronic back pain                  Chronic groin strain                   Chronic neck pain

Fibromyalgia                          Pelvic pain                                Recurrent hamstring pain

Tennis elbow                          TMJ dysfunction                         Wrist problems

Bloating                                 Snoring                                    Sleep apnoea

Insomnia                                RSI                                          PTSD                  

Connective Tissue Release (CTR) The Hugh Gilbert Method

CTR is a follow on from KCR. If KCR hasn't successfully resolved an issue then there will be a restriction in the connective tissue system. CTR the Hugh Gilbert Method is a special focused form of connective tissue release and the work is focused on the joints. Specific CTR mobilisations will be performed after a full KCR to help release the connective tissue.

KCR Woman's Health

A special series of mobilisations added onto the end of a full KCR session to help bring ease and relief from a number of women's health issues including menstrual issues and hormone imbalances etc.

Postural Energetics (PE)

This beautiful healing mode is the third of the triad created by Hugh Gilbert. This is a beautiful gentle self healing mode which returns yourself back to balance. A peaceful gentle exercise performed standing allowing the body to realign as well as reducing stress.

KCR/ CTR/ PE can help with Carpal Tunnel, Chronic Fatigue, Chronic pains, Headache, Teeth Clenching, IBS, Chronic Stress, Plantar Fasciitis, Tired/ painful shoulders, Fibromyalgia, muscle strain, TMJ dysfunction, Bloating, Insomnia, PTSD to name few.

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