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Introducing Julie your therapist

Julie Kinsella
BA, MA (hons), BA (hons)

From a young age I loved nature and plants. I even collected Aromatherapy magazines as a child. I think my first massage type experience came as a child. My oldest brother loved me to draw pictures on his back with my fingers and he would guess what I had drawn. We spent hours together doing this. I loved doing it and it relaxed my brother.

As I grew I never saw this as a career. I went down other routes but eventually came back to what I love. I studied Childcare before going on to study Social Science. From there I went on to study Psychology. It was during this time I realised I wanted to work helping ease peoples pain and stress. From then on my focus had shifted. I studied Complementary therapies and then Social care to ensure I could give the best service to my clients. After this there was no stopping me.


Relevant Qualifications

BA Social Science (2004-2007)                                             MA (hons) Psychology (2007- 2009)

HNC Complementary Therapies (2009-2010)                         HNC Social Care (2010-2011)

HND Complementary Therapies (2011-2012)                         Diploma in Pregnancy Massage (2012)

Diploma in Sports Massage (2012)                                        Kinetic Chain Release Level 1 (2012)

Kinetic Chain Release Level 2 (2013)                                     Shibashi Qigong Instruction (2013)

Diploma in Seated Acupressure on Site Massage (2013)

BA(hons) Complementary Healthcare Aromatherapy (2012-2014)

Diploma in Lomi Lomi Massage (2014)                                  Kinetic Chain Release Level 3 (2014)

Approved KCR practitioner (2014) Updated Annually

Relax Kids Coach (2015)                                                     Diploma in Colour therapy (2015)

Connective Tissue Release level 1(2015)                                Diploma in Beauty Facials (2015)

Kinetic Chain Release Level 4 (2015)                                    Connective Tissue Release level 2 (2016)

Kinetic Chain Release Women’s Health Awareness (2017)

Advanced Postural Energetics (2017)                                    Voodoo (kinesiology) Taping (2017)

Reiki 2 (2017)                                                                   Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP (2018) 

Firewalk Instructor Training (2018)                                        Introduction to Physiognomy (2018)

Touch for Health 1 (2019)                                                   Touch for Health 2 (2019)

Be your Own Hero Pratitioner (2019)                                   Covid-19 Infection prevention and control (2020)

Mental Wellbeing in Children and Young People  (2020)       Behind the Mask Champion (2020)

Sound Healing Certificate (2020)                                        Nutrition Certificate (2021)

Adult Safeguarding Certificate (2021)                                  B12 Injection techniques certificate (2021)

Functional integrated cupping for pain management and sports rehabilitation (2021)

Emotional Freedom technique certificate (2021)                    Sleep Consultant Diploma (2021)

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