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Introducing Julie your therapist

Julie Kinsella
BA, MA (hons), BA (hons)

From a young age I loved nature and plants. I even collected Aromatherapy magazines as a child. I think my first massage type experience came as a child. My oldest brother loved me to draw pictures on his back with my fingers and he would guess what I had drawn. We spent hours together doing this. I loved doing it and it relaxed my brother.

As I grew I never saw this as a career. I went down other routes but eventually came back to what I love. I studied Childcare before going on to study Social Science. From there I went on to study Psychology. It was during this time I realised I wanted to work helping ease peoples pain and stress. From then on my focus had shifted. I studied Complementary therapies and then Social care to ensure I could give the best service to my clients. After this there was no stopping me.


Relevant Qualifications

BA Social Science (2004-2007)                                             MA (hons) Psychology (2007- 2009)

HNC Complementary Therapies (2009-2010)                         HNC Social Care (2010-2011)

HND Complementary Therapies (2011-2012)                         Diploma in Pregnancy Massage (2012)

Diploma in Sports Massage (2012)                                        Kinetic Chain Release Level 1 (2012)

Kinetic Chain Release Level 2 (2013)                                     Shibashi Qigong Instruction (2013)

Diploma in Seated Acupressure on Site Massage (2013)

BA(hons) Complementary Healthcare Aromatherapy (2012-2014)

Diploma in Lomi Lomi Massage (2014)                                  Kinetic Chain Release Level 3 (2014)

Approved KCR practitioner (2014) Updated Annually

Relax Kids Coach (2015)                                                     Diploma in Colour therapy (2015)

Connective Tissue Release level 1(2015)                                Diploma in Beauty Facials (2015)

Kinetic Chain Release Level 4 (2015)                                    Connective Tissue Release level 2 (2016)

Kinetic Chain Release Women’s Health Awareness (2017)

Advanced Postural Energetics (2017)                                    Voodoo (kinesiology) Taping (2017)

Reiki 2 (2017)                                                                   Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP (2018) 

Firewalk Instructor Training (2018)