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Training Courses


Welcome to the Realign and Revive training academy page. I have created this page to highlight different training opportunities with Realign and Revive training academy but I may develop a full new website dedicated to our training as we grow and develop. 

A little background for you. 

I have always had an interest in natural health and wellbeing from a very young age. When in primary school I collected both the Mind, Body and Spirit magazine and the Aromatherapy magazine. These enthralled me and I was hooked but didn't realise that these could be actual career paths that people followed. Roll on 15 years ago and I realised that I wasn't happy with my studies and felt I had wasted years of training and education as the course I was doing just didn't fulfil me at all. After lengthy conversations with a friend I decided I wanted to train in massage.

So my official hands on therapeutic journey started 14 years ago and I started the business of May 2013. So I now have a full decade of practical knowledge and hands on experience that I can share with others. 

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