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KCR training


KCR- Kinetic Chain Release

Kinetic Chain Release is probably one of the most difficult treatments to describe apart from saying things like it just works, its magic or awesome but these are a few of the words people have said when attempting to describe KCR. 

So let me take you to start of my KCR journey before I describe what KCR is. In the early hours of Christmas eve 2011 I slipped and fell on black ice. My back was in agony but in true me style I thought I could sleep it off. Oh how wrong was I? When I woke in the morning I couldn't get myself out of bed. When I did eventually get up I was talked into visiting the hospital. My assessment as hospital was rather poor and I was sent home without any x-rays or scans but with a box of pain relief. The pain relief really done nothing for me at all. Roll on 10 months later and I was doing my HND Complementary therapies but was almost ready to give up on the dream. A friend came in to be a model for one of my class assessments and couldn't believe I was still in so much pain. She asked if I had heard of KCR (which I hadn't) and suggested I sign up for the next course which was the next month as she was 100% sure it would fix my back. I signed up but was sceptical to say the least. 

The November KCR course date was getting ever closer but my pain was still there. On the first morning of class I remember being sat in front of Hugh Gilbert (creator of KCR) and thinking this guy is talking rubbish and there is no way this can help me. At the end of the first day I got home, sat and watched T.V. with my partner who asked about my back. To my shock I had no pain so obviously I thought it had gone numb. There was no way it could be better when no-one had even touched my back but yet my pain was gone.

On day 2 I felt the need to eat humble pie as I know I had been rude with my attitude the previous day. Hugh as true to form just smiled, took a deep breath and said good. He wasn't upset that I wasn't a believer but happy that I was now convinced that it worked. 

Hugh sadly is no longer physically with us but his beautiful wife Jane Wardlaw took over the KCR Academy and is developing Hugh's dream and helping thousands of people worldwide.

Roll onto 2023 and I have started my official KCR teaching journey.

So what is KCR?

KCR is a series 23 of mobilisations and stretches that are completed in a very specific order. Hugh had taken all the the mobilisations and stretches from his Physiotherapy training and developed a protocol that aims to realign the body. We start at the ankles and work up through the body in a very systematic approach, moving up to the next joint (link in the chain) and gently moving it (Kinetic means to move) to help restore it to its natural dynamic state (realigning the body). By doing this there is less strain, tightness and tension in the body which allows for pain reduction, an increase in general wellbeing and just making you feel good. 

To book your KCR foundation course you will need to register at the KCR Academy . This allows you to have your details registered at the KCR Academy as this is who issues your KCR certification. By law I cannot register you on the Academy database, you MUST do this yourself. Once you register on the KCR Academy database you can then head over to the booking page to secure your training date. 

When booking your training course you will be charged a 25% non refundable booking fee (this will come off the course total cost). The remainder of the course cost is due a minimum of 2 weeks before the course start date. 

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