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R'n'R is also available to provide a number of services within the workplace.

This could be for general staff care, staff health and well-being events, training seminars, team building days, networking events, fund raising and also used in promotion of public relations.

There are 2 different ways in which R'n'R can do this. R'n'R can provide corporate therapies and treatments. We can also provide amazing, fun team building events and interesting workshops. 

Corporate therapies/ treatments 

There are a huge number of cases of absence and sickness from work being associated with stress. There is a belief that if stress is reduced then absenteeism may reduce also.

Benefits to staff and workplace

  • Reduction of stress within the workplace.

  • Could help boost staff morale.

  • Could help reduce muscular tension associated with poor posture for those with desk jobs.

  • Best of all affordability for staff and company.

What could be provided by R'n'R

  • ​​Massage

  • KCR

  • Stress Management workshops

  • Relaxation workshops 

  • Taiji/ qigong classes

Cost of therapies/ treatments

A half day (4 hours) would cost £280 for one therapist

A full day (8 hours) would cost £500 for one therapist

An example of a full day would be 9am- 5:30pm with a 30 minute break for the therapist. 

If more than one therapist was required then an additional cost would be added for each additional therapist. 

Team building and workshops

At R'n'R we can also provide a number of different styled workshops and events. Let me know your requirements and we can create an individual experience for your workplace. 

  • Team building

  • Rapport building

  • Management/ leadership workshops 

  • Confidence building 

  • Sales

  • Fundraising

This can be done through a mixture of different exercises including NLP, team building exercises, Firewalking, glass walking, meditation, board breaking and so much more. 

Costs for teambuilding/ workshops

Costs for teambuilding and workshops will vary depending on what you are looking for. If you can get in touch with what activities you would be interested in and the number of staff members you are wanting to participate a cost will be calculated for you. 

The finer print

  • Consultation forms need to be completed by the staff attending to ensure their safety, health and well-being.

  • The therapist/ coordinator will provide all equipment needed but will need a room/ space to be provided for use within the workplace. Specifics of this will depend on what activities are being provided and will be discussed in full. 

If you would like more information or a quote regarding your company's needs then please contact me through the contact us page or via email on

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