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Firewalking Events


My firewalking experience has been phenomenal and I cannot wait to start sharing it with others. What a privilege I have been bestowed that I can share such a beautiful and powerful experience with all of you. 

There is so much you can do with Firewalking and it's associated activities.

My firewalks are called Power of the Phoenix and my glasswalks will be Phoenix tears. The Phoenix is a beautiful mystical creature who rebirths itself through fire and that is why my walks are called Power of the Phoenix as it can help you develop the best you that you can imagine. The Glasswalks are Phoenix tears as Phoenix tears can help us heal ourselves and the slow meditative nature of Glasswalking gives us the time and clear vision to heal our past emotional wounds. 

Firewalking is fun. I'm being totally serious when I say that. After having many conversations over the last few weeks about 'Why walk on fire?' I feel I need to say its seriously good fun and so exhilarating. The only thing that will hold you back and stop you having an amazing time walking on fire is FEAR. Maybe you need to decide whether you want FEAR to hold you back in life. 


As an activity firewalking can be utilised in various different ways. It can be done for fun and its why I want to firewalk but it can also be so extremely empowering. Walking on fire is such a huge challenge for many people to get their head around. When you decide to overcome that FEAR you will feel amazing, it's like you are unstoppable.

It is also used by companies and groups to raise money for charities and good causes. Can you imagine walking on fire to raise money for your favourite charity? 

Another way it can be utilised is for team building. Having a fantastic workshop where the team learns to work together and develop much stronger relationships ending with an exhilarating firewalk. 


Firewalking and related activities

  • Board breaking

  • Brick breaking

  • Games

  • Meditation

  • Stories

  • Dancing

  • Arrow Breaking

  • Trust Falls

  • Rebar bending

  • Glass walking

  • Fire walking

  • And so much more

Each event will be meticulously planned to suit the individual needs of the group.

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