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Welcome to Realign and Revive. My mission is to help others to optimise their health and well-being through providing tailored treatments and services for each individual. I have specialist knowledge and training to meet your Pain Management and Stress Management needs as your Health and Wellbeing specialist.  

I am one of the highest, if not the highest qualified Health and Wellbeing specialist in North Lanarkshire holding a BA Social Science, MA (hons) Psychology, BA (hons) Complementary healthcare and dozens of other certifications and diplomas. 

Kinetic Chain Release

Information about Kinetic Chain Release and related treatments.

General treatments

Beautifully crafted massage/ body work routines to make you feel great. 

Monthly specials

Every 2 months I will temporarily bring back some of my more unusual/ luxury treatments. 

Train with me

Come and learn how to bring someone back into physical alignment with KCR or learn the beautiful art of Reiki. 

Mental Wellbeing

Self development, Phobia cures, finding the best you possible.


We can arrange massage, KCR or classes to be held at your location.

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Realign and Revive,

19A Academy Street, Coatbridge, ML5 3AW.

(Through the red gate beside Pretty Woman.)


Tel: 01236 338330

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