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Work, life balance

It is so important to have a decent work, life balance. To love the career you have but have a healthy amount of time away from it so it doesn't become all consuming. This can be hard for a variety of reasons e.g.

You love your job so much,

You feel you need to do more for financial reasons or for a feeling of expectation from others,

Or maybe your hours have crept up over time and you haven't realised until family/ friends complain you are always working. What ever the reason may be work can take over life if we are not careful.

Life is about living, having fun, being silly when we can, smiling, laughing, taking time to just be. Of course there are also the sad times and difficult times but if we strike the right balance the goo times pick us up and carry us through.

So why am I writing this???

Well I have decided to strive for a better balance in my own life. Up until now I have worked 6 days a week with random hours to suit as many people as I could but if I don't so something now I will burn out and then I will need to stop indefinitely. Not a huge change but my 6 days are getting changed to 5 days to give me time for my other interests and for down time. I will also be starting set hours of availability. My set days and hours will not fully come into effect straight away as I have appointments up until the end of March already booked. So from April 2018 I will have no availability on Wednesdays or Sundays. Until then my new extra day off will jiggle about a few times. I will carry on posting availability on facebook until then so it is easier to follow and check availability. I will also only have 2 days with evening appointments each week so if you think an evening would suit you better then you may need to book in advance. The day for my classes will be a Tuesday so any Relax Kids and Shibashi Taiji Qigong classes will be held then. I will be running the occasional workshop which will be held on a Sunday. Any Sunday workshops will be followed with a Monday off.

I love my work and my clients but I need to have time for me, for friends and for family. These are the reasons for my changes.

Do you have a good balance in life???

Do you need to make some adjustments???

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