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What would you like to see???

Over the years I have done my best to bring things into the business that clients have asked for but in all honesty you guys don't really ask for much. Now either that means I'm doing good or you don't want to ask to see something else.

As you will be aware I have been adding to my business this year and developing the teaching side of it. This I will continue to develop and add to over the next few years. But ilthis year I have also added a Meditation group and Taiji classes as people have requested them over the years (especially since the end of COVID).

So I am currently planning courses, classes and workshops for 2024 and want to ask you if there is anything you would love to see me bringing to Realign and Revive therapies and training academy???

I have already pencilled in new KCR training dates and Reiki training dates. Looking at whether I should keep scheduling the monthly meditation group and the Taiji classes. I have written a few courses including Aromatherapy for home use, Massage for carers, How to use a crystal pendulum but what else would you like to see either as a beginner in the holistic world or as someone already walking the path of holistic living?

Please do reach out and message me. I am also considering getting a wee postbox with suggestion/ comment cards to put in the waiting area if you prefer to be anonymous.

Julie ❤️


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