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Red light, Infrared light and Near Infrared light therapy

So those of you who know me know I love to study and find the best treatments available for everyone. I Came accross RLT, IRLT and NIRLT and needed to know more. These forms of light therapy work on the superficial and deeper layer of the body helping it to heal and regenerate itself.

This is a super non invasive treatment option and can be combined with other treatments to benefit you. I decided I had to study it and recetly gained my Diploma in Infrared light therapy (with Distinction).

So starting in January I will have this all set up and ready to go. I will be adding RLT as an add on to some of my treatments. In an ideal world I could have a RLT sauna or pod but alas space does not allow that here.  This treatment seamlessly merges the therapeutic benefits of red light and near-infrared light with the soothing touch of a massage. As the penetrating warmth of near-infrared light reaches deep into your tissues, it promotes cellular rejuvenation, accelerates healing, and alleviates muscle soreness. Red light and near-infrared light therapy is a natural and non-invasive way to promote relaxation, alleviate pain, and improve overall vitality whilst promoting relaxation with the benefits of touch.

Some of the benefirs of RLT include:

  • Regeneration of damaged cells

  • Pain relief

  • Inflammation reduction

  • Boosting mood

  • Nerve repair

  • inproving circulation and lymphatic flow

I cannot wait to get started with this fantastic addition to my therapy toolkit.


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