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Healing Crisis/ Reaction.

Recently I have realised that not everyone is aware of what a "Healing crisis/ reaction" is.

In all forms of bodywork including both hands on and energy work the body can go into a healing crisis after treatment. When this occurs people often think the treatment itself caused an illness or a flare up of a pre existing condition. This is actually untrue.

A healing crisis is the body's own reaction and way of dealing with what is already going on within itself. It's a way of processing the trauma that is is holding from events in the past. This trauma could be a small negative experience or something much greater. Who are we to judge what the body holds and finds traumatic?

When the treatment (whatever that may be) brings the body back into balance or releases tightness and tension etc the body can also release some of the memories of the past traumas it is holding. As it does so you may experience feeling a bit yuck but this is short lived.

In general I would expect a healing crisis to last no longer than 72 hours. If something is still going on after that then I think its just a coincidence that it occurred around the same time as a treatment and would advise to get checked out by the GP or pharmacist.

Some common haling crisis/ reactions include;

  • Cold/ flu symptoms

  • Headache

  • Migraine

  • Slight temperature

  • Fatigue

  • General unwell feeling

  • Flare of pre existing condition


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