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To chat or not to chat...

I have been looking at a few ways to improve the services I provide to you all. One of the things I realised is that I don't always check to see whether you want to chat or not during your treatment. I tend to follow the lead of the client but I know that some clients may talk if nervous and may also prefer a quiet treatment.

I couldn't work out how to or even where to add a question about this on the website/ booking page but I have added it into the consultation form.

So now when you book and resubmit your updated consultation form you will need to check a box saying "happy to chat" or a box saying you "prefer as little chat as possible". It's a super simple and easy way to ensure I know how to proceed during your treatment. You can always change your mind for your next appointment and can either verbally let me know, message me or if you are a little more shy then just resubmit your consultation form with the other box checked.

If you are a prefer "as little chat as possible" I may ask you a few questions before we enter the treatment room but when in the treatment room chat will be kept to an absolute minimum.

Julie ❤️


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