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KCR Training

As most people will now know I have recently completed my KCR instructor training and I have to say it's one of my top achievements.

KCR has changed my life in so many ways. It's given me balance and a new way of thinking on top of helping me become a better therapist.

Without KCR I can guarantee I would not be in the profession I am in and I'm not even sure if I would be working at all. 11 months before I first started my KCR journey I had a terrible fall. I was checked at hospital but they said I was fine. The truth is I was in agony, couldn't stand up straight and no amount of medication eased my pain. I was doing my HND Complementary therapies at college when a friend came in to be a model for a Reflexology assessment. She could see my pain and told me all about this new treatment she had just trained in KCR.

In all honesty I didn't believe it would help but with my level of pain it was my last option. I signed up for my course and never looked back.

My pain was gone by the end of day 1 and I couldn't believe it. From then I managed to assist on numerous courses and took in as much training and knowledge as I could from Hugh (KCR founder). His wealth of knowledge was astounding. What he created in my opinion is the missing piece in bodywork.

Over the years of assisting on the courses I met so many wonderful people. Some were already massage therapists, others beauty therapists , and even physiotherapists came along for training. But interestingly there were many others with no prior knowledge or skills working with the human body. There were bakers and taxi drivers looking for a new career and even parents and carers to learn how to help their loved ones.

You see that is the beauty of KCR and how it's taught. Anyone (aged 16 years +) can learn this beautiful, simple protocol and help others.

For such a long time I felt I wanted to share KCR even more than I was already. The world needs KCR. I am finally in a position that I can help share KCR much more than I could previously. After a very intensive training I have now completed my KCR certified instructor training.

I am so proud to be able to teach this Gold Standard bodywork protocol to anyone who wished to learn. There are no pre requisites (no other qualifications needed) and after the training you can gain your insurance and build a business with KCR or if you prefer just work with you loved ones.



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