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NLP Practitioners Course May 2018

On Saturday 5th May 2018 I embarked upon my NLP training marathon. It is so difficult to explain the week I had with truly amazing and inspiring souls, but I am sure I am right in saying that none of us will ever be the same again.

Let me go a bit further back in time to start my NLP practitioner journey. I have been interested in NLP for years as to me it really is the best practical application of psychology out there. After studying Psychology in Dundee I was so disappointed in finding out that Psychologists didn't help people in the way I thought or expected. I had worked so hard to get to that place then it wasn't what I had expected so I was back to square one with no real clue as to what I was going to do with the rest of my life. I really was lost for my next move.

After many uninspiring conversations with friends and family I finally had my "ah ha" moment as a friend flippantly laughed and suggested I look to my childhood hobbies and interests to find my ideal career. I looked back but didn't think I could do my interest (aromatherapy, crystals, massage) as I didn't think of it as a real job. After much research I came across Complementary Therapies which encompassed my childhood interests. So my re-training began. I studied for 4 years full time as well as many additional short training courses to supplement my skills and knowledge. I even added Relax Kids training as it brought together my interest in working with kids in a meaningful way by giving them the tools to help them navigate through the difficult moments of life. Even with everything I had learnt and everything I could offer NLP kept on popping up in so many ways, from being referred to on courses directly and indirectly to friends and colleagues training to be NLP practitioners. The more I looked into it the more intrigued I became. I looked at training many times over the years and couldn't find a trainer I liked or was at least comfortable with. Speaking to them, listening to them or even just looking to their websites I would find something that bothered me. Many were full of their own self importance and it seemed more about them than those they were helping and working with.

My friend Lez invited me to a "Personal Transformation Day" at the beginning of February 2018 and it was such an interesting, funny and thought provoking day. The 2 guys (Brian and Steve) who led the day were so funny and down to earth. I finally found the correct trainers/ teachers for me. The joy and passion these guys exude is breath taking, so much so I signed up there and then. (I know I can be a tad impulsive when things feel right)

Roll forward 3 months and the course was here. A 7 day intensive course that in all honesty had my head hurting by day 3. There was so much information and tools to absorb. The boys gave so much to every tool, to every technique, to each of us as they each taught their own personal favourite aspects of NLP. They even had a group of Master practitioners to provide extra support and information. All the helpers were so kind and friendly, they really wanted to be part of our learning, development and experiences.

The group of delegates...

What can I say about my fellow delegates?

We started out on the Saturday as a random group of strangers with a host of different knowledge and experiences. Our differences were the thing that brought us together with laughter, care, compassion, love and trust. We gelled extremely quickly and sat with different people each day and worked with different people for each exercise the boys set us. The stories and experiences shared by many were so profound, so personal and so poignant that I feel privileged to be allowed to share in such intensely private moments. Again we would laugh as the stories shared between this group of strangers we realised that in many instances these stories were never shared with our own nearest and dearest. As the week progressed we faced up to our own fears, insecurities and issues together we also grew stronger and closer as a group. The once group of strangers was no more. How could we be strangers now? We had been through so much together and each of us grew with each new exercise, tool and experience that we shared.

The delegates, Master practitioners and the boys merged together into something new. We were no longer a random group, we were so much more. The tools we were given to help ourselves as well as help others will be with each of us for life but more than that the friendships formed and experiences shared will also be there forever more.

If you are interested in hearing about the tools shared with us on our NLP practitioner course or how they could be used to help you then get in touch.

Or if you want to become an NLP practitioner then go to and speak to Brian or Steve about booking onto one of their amazing courses.

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