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Healing drum meditation

OMG A healing drum meditation session is absolutely amazing. Drums have been used for centuries throughout the world to communicate and ease peoples woes.

The vibration of the drum can be felt and is so powerful. It can be super charged and energising or softer and more peaceful. Each drumming session is completely different and focuses on the energetic imbalances of the body in order to direct the best vibrational healing into the body.

Although we can't feel it our body is constantly vibrating, each organ and body part vibrates and resonates at its own frequencies. When we are feeling tired, under the weather or in pain our bodies are not vibrating in tune with itself. I'm sure many of you have heard or read somewhere that a cat's purr has been proven to be healing (that's one possible reason the ancient Egyptians loved them so much). A cat will come over and purr beside you or even on top of you if it feels you need a little extra love and support.

Having the vibration of a drum directed at you is like a cat's purr but on steroids. You feel each beat of the drum throughout you. Strangely its like getting a massage without actually needing to take your clothes off or even being touched. You feel super chilled out after the session both mentally and physically. Yes physically, as the vibrations of the drum actually makes your muscles relax. You probably won't want to leave the treatment room after you have been drummed.

Each session would last for approximately 45 minutes and is done so on the massage bed either lying down flat or slightly more upright but in a comfortably reclined position.

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