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Empowering and motivating young parents.

So after all my amazing training so far this year I have been thinking/ contemplating about what they mean to me and how I have developed from them. My 2 biggies this year have been my NLP practitioner which really can change your life by challenging your thoughts and secondly my Firewalking Instructor Training which challenges thought completing physical tasks. The courses match up pretty damn well. The mental and physical challenges in both courses were immense.

I got so frustrated during and after my NLP practitioner course, I realised I had been a little stuck in my own mindset. When it came to firewalking training I was ready to face every and all challenges that Barry and Steve threw at us. Strangely I found these extremely easy, but when it came to sharing our thoughts/ feelings each day I almost stumbled over my words as I couldn't find the right words to express how I was feelings.

This has set me up to reflect and think about my life and my accomplishments. Anyone who knows me will know I always say my greatest accomplishment is my gorgeous son. This feeling will never change as he has brought me so much joy, comfort, pleasure, love and pride.

I was a young mum, a very young mum. I fell pregnant at 15 years old and had my boy at 16 years old. I was so happy with my perfect little man and luckily I have a very thick skin as society wasn't all that nice about young mum's. I had so many horrible things said to me it was shocking. A few of the comments I can remember include:

"Did you have a kid so you could get a council house?"

"You will be on benefits forever."

"You will never have a decent job now."

There were many more but I think you will get the gist of how people treated me. Unfortunately the last 18 years haven't changed societies beliefs that much. It is such a shame that young parents still don't get the support they need and deserve from society. I am extremely strong willed so societies negativity didn't have much impact on me but not all young parents have the will I do.

Reflecting back on my life, its lessons and my learning I have realised that I am so blessed with everything I have, Looking at the negative I had from society about my parenting ability and life's trajectory I really have accomplished so much. I hold 3 degrees which I use behind the scenes in my business. I have my amazing business where I get to help people daily. My amazing family and of course my boy, well he is now an amazing young man. I think I done more than alright.

Where am I going with this?

Well I am proof that young parents can achieve anything they set their minds to. I would love to use my personal experience blended with my training to help our young parents see the future they want and not be held back and beaten down by a horrible societal expectation of failure.

I would love to present some amazing empowerment techniques to some amazing young parents.

If anyone knows of any groups/ organisations/ charities that work with young parents helping to empower and motivate them to be the best version of themselves then please let them read this or send me their contact details.


A lovely quote sent to me by my fire brother Stephen.

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