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Comfort during massage or in fact any treatments I do is so high up my priority list.

To be honest a little discomfort for a moment or 2 can be accepted but not prolonged discomfort. When I ask probing questions during a coaching or EFT session, you make feel a little discomfort as we need to find the source of what the issue is. When working through a tight knot on your shoulder then yes a little discomfort will be felt but again it will be short lived.

Ongoing discomfort due to the position you need to sit/ lie in should never happen with any hands on treatments.

There are a variety of cushions, pillows and props that I have in the treatment room and will happily use to help your session be more positive. I regularly look at people and think hmm they don't look comfy and just prop them up but on occasion I may miss a clue you are uncomfortable and really love it when you let me know as then I can do something to make it better. I even have a special comfort pillow for busty people (mostly women but I do have a few men that are a little more curvy) which allows you to lie on your front in comfort as your breasts are not getting squished up to your throat, down to your stomach or even out to the sides.

Let me know if you need a prop to get comfortable. It saves time and helps you get the most out of your session.

Julie ❤️


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