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Promotion's and updates.

For a while now I have been sending Promotional and update emails out to everyone that has became a site member of Realign and Revive.

After a random conversation with a friend they said they never really read many of their emails anymore and to be fair I don't necessarily read many I receive either. So it got me thinking. What other way could I send out my monthly promotions and updates in a alway that you might want to see?

So my thoughts have went to WhatsApp.

Would you like to see a Realign and Revive WhatsApp group where I share my promo codes and other relevant updates? I do not have time to individually send these out to people so it would need to be a group format.

If you want added to a group let me know and I will look into setting up a group in the near future.

Julie ❤️


Add me please Julie


Add me to the list x

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