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Reiki training

And my Reiki training has now gone live.

As a business I need to keep evolving and developing to keep it fresh and viable. This is definitely a positive as I get to share my love and passion with others ready to take on a healing journey.

Starting with Reiki is a beautiful serendipitous way to start as Reiki 1 helps us heal our own selves allowing us space to grow and develop as people, before helping others.

For me Reiki has always been naturally there and I believe everyone can work with the gentle light energy of Reiki but for some it needs a helping hand to understand it.

We are ll energetic beings and working with Reiki allows a calming, soothing, gentle force to exist in our lives. Whilst living with this beautiful energy we help ourselves and everyone around us.

I will always remember my first "real" client for Aromatherapy massage at college telling me I was doing Reiki whilst doing my massage. I didn't have a clue what she was talking about and she was so surprised to hear I had not been attuned. It was just a natural thing for me to do.

Reiki is such a beautiful gift that we can share with others and it can bring softness and stability into our lives when we start to live by and practice the Reiki principles.

I genuinely cannot wait to start teaching you all this incredible healing modality.



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