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Talking therapies

As part of the business shake up to realign the business with myself I have decided to step back towards my talking therapies.

I graduated Dundee University back in 2011 with my MA(Hons) Psychology but felt very flat about following a career down this path (it was just too clinical). The thing was I still wanted to work with people helping them feel better. I found Complementary therapies and followed that path. A path I am still following and it has led me back towards speaking and the benefits of having a blether.

I have studied a few different areas of talking therapies over the years as they have always felt right although I haven't really discussed them a lot as my focus has been mainly on hands on therapies. All of these came after my MA (Hons) Psychology. Some of my other talking therapy qualifications include;

NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming

Empowerment coach/ Fire walk instructor

Life coach

Meditation teacher

Mental wellbeing in Children and young people

Stress management

Sleep consultancy (adults)

EFT Emotional freedom technique

I am currently working on a Stress management programme which utilizes lots from the above list as well as incorporating Aromatherapy into it as scent can be a great anchor for feelings. Looking forward to releasing it very soon.

Hope you are all keeping well

Take care, Julie ❤️


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