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As most of my wonderful clients, friends and family know education is super important to me. (You can't study for and gain 3 different degrees if it's not important to you, never mind the countless extra courses and training I have undertaken.)

Over the years I have studied many amazing therapies and many of my trainers have remarked that they see me teaching, and luckily for me encouraging me to teach and to share my knowledge and experiences. It has always been something just sat on the edge of my life vision but in the last 6-12 months it has gotten bigger and clearer.

As the vision has became clearer I realised that it was the next step in my therapeutic journey. I was interested in crystals, energy, massage and essential oils when I was a child collecting both the Aromatherapy and Mind, body and spirit magazines but it wasn't until 14 years ago I started my official therapy training. I have also been running my business for a decade come May.

So I am embarking on a number of different trainings to help me to teach. I am hoping from mid- late summer Realign and Revive will be morphing into Realign and Revive therapies and training academy.

I will still be providing the therapies that many of you have grown to love but I will be setting time aside to deliver different therapeutic training opportunities.

Some of these training courses will be open to people with no prior therapeutic training and open the doors to becoming a qualified therapist whilst others will help develop new skills and further training opportunities for those already within the therapeutic world.

I am looking forward to the next steps in my journey and hope many of you will come along with me.

Julie ❤️


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