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The new and improved me

Realign an Revive is the new and improved trading name (previously Sith-Aigean). I decided that it was time for a fresh new look as we were organizing to move into our new premises. We officially moved into the new premises Wellness Hub just next door to the old premises ClinicSkin back in July 2017. The new premises is much larger with a light, bright, spacious feel. It felt right to implement a whole re-branding.

Although I loved trading as Sith-Aigean I did encounter some slight issues such as people not knowing how to pronounce the name. The old logo was 2 green hands holding a circle with the loving triquetra and my little friend the bumble bee.

The new and improved business name really stands for what I do. Over my years of being a therapist I have moved from focusing on stress management to seeing more and more people for their pain management needs and as such trained in more pain management treatments. I think this came from me actually understanding what chronic pain is like and how restrictive it becomes. People are drawn to people who understand.

My interest in pain management started nearly 6 years ago when I was in a lot of pain. I slipped on black ice and seriously hurt my back. I tried every treatment I could think of but everything I tried was short lived, the pain always returned. My back was in pain for a full 11 months before I found something that not only reduced my pain but completely removed it.

What was this miracle treatment???

It was KCR (Kinetic Chain Release). I went on the course not believing it would do anything but I was promised by a friend that if I didn't feel better the course leader a physiotherapist would help me so I really had nothing to lose. Skeptical didn't come close to how I was feeling as I started the KCR level 1 course in Livingston. It all made logical sense but since nothing else had worked why get my hopes up.

At the end of the first day I was really fed up as I was still sore and had a train ride home to look forward to. I got home and cuddled up on the couch with the other half to watch a film. By the end of the film I realised I hadn't got up to stretch my back as I would regularly do. My other half asked if I was in pain but no I wasn't. Although I did think that maybe I had just gone numb, Then the fear set in. If I moved would it come back? Was I in so much pain I couldn't feel it? The other half helped me up (I really didn't want to move due to the fear) I gingerly took baby steps but nothing, no pain. I slowly took larger steps and still nothing. The pain had gone. I was elated but still fearful that it would come back.

That was a full 5 years ago now and guess what the pain has never returned. I do get the odd maintenance KCR session to keep my body in balance and to ensure I never have to go through that pain again.

Why share my own pain story with you?

Well I ask a lot of questions about your health and work closely hands on with your body to try to help reduce your aches and pains. I understand what it is like to have chronic pain and how debilitating it can feel. But as you can see from my story there is a way forward and a way out of the pain cycle. You just need to find the right treatment for you and care enough about yourself to try to maintain your body.

I really have never looked back after starting my KCR journey. It has changed my life in so many ways and has granted me the gift to help reduce other peoples pain. I will continue on this path I have found myself upon. KCR realigned my body and revived my spirit hence the new name. It feels like a great fit for me and my journey.

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