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Back to basics

As I am sure many of you will have noticed I have done a huge overhaul of the treatments I offer. This has been done for a few different reasons but the biggest reason is I feel its what's right for me and the business at this time. I am as always happy to explain and keep you all informed of my decisions and the reasons behind them.

One of the reasons that started me thinking was so many people complimented me on the vast offerings I have but also expressed their confusion over what to pick. Many people were picking treatments that didn't suit their needs due to this, leading to confusion.

Cost has also played a part in my decision here. I am as aware of the cost of living issues many are having in my community and have decided to factor this in. The equipment, products etc for some of the treatments are rising exponentially which I would need to pass onto you my wonderful clients. By slimming down my treatment menu I won't have to increase my prices just yet. (I cannot promise I won't later in the year but I am doing my best to keep them where they are.)

Another reason was me. Yes you did read that right. I love what I do and want to continue to love it so I decided to remove the treatments I don't enjoy or have lost the passion for. Now this doesn't mean they are not good treatments just that I have gotten a little bored with them. Many of them will reappear in my monthly specials. As a side note "Monthly specials" is a little deceiving as I will be changing these specials every 2 months but I can't think of another name for it just now so I'm going with Monthly Specials.

So I have stripped the treatment menu back to what I believe are my core, go to essentials. Everybody and their granny knows how I feel about KCR and how everyone should get KCR at least one a year (depending on lifestyle and work). The other treatment I have kept are those I have loved since I started learning about them. My core treatments are those I personally turn to in order to keep me feeling good. These are my maintenance treatments.

Lots of you have heard me discuss maintaining my body, physically, mentally and spiritually. My go to is KCR and it always will be for the vast majority of issues I face but Aromatherapy was what brought me into the therapy world and Reiki can soothe the soul like no other. I get personally KCR a minimum of every 2 months and have massage in between. Reiki/ self Reiki is something I do daily and I regularly blend my own essential oils to help when I'm feeling not 100%. I do practice what I preach. I firmly believe I have only one body which I need to love and look after so I can live and experience what this life has to offer me.

Are you loving and looking after your body (physically, mentally, spiritually) ???

Julie X


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