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Changes to Realign and Revive

I have had a number of messages asking why I'm changing what I offer and will I be giving up my massage/ body therapies. The simple answer is no I am not giving up massage/ body therapies but I am going to be tweaking what I offer over the next year. This does mean that yes I will be relinquishing some of my treatments that I feel don't really suit me anymore. I will post about these when the time is right.

The decision to add NLP to my treatment list was a really simple one. It has came from what I see with my past and current clients and my wish to help people as much as I can. When working on the body a number of different things can come up including emotional issues and not just the aches and pains that the client is fully aware of. Many aches and pains can come from an injury like tripping over or turning the wrong way which are held mainly in the muscles, bones and joints. If an accident is a little more serious or there is trauma which has an emotional connection then an other body system kicks into play.

Our Connective tissue system spans through our entire body, through every cell. It is this amazing system that can really come into its own to help support us through accidents, injuries and trauma. This system protects us and helps keep us safe. When there is an impact on the body this fluid filled system constricts and tightens almost like a barrier. By doing so there is less impact upon the important organs. On occasion this system does not fully let go and expand back to it's original position. When it gets stuck in a contracted state it becomes dehydrated causing further restrictions. Also when it physically gets stuck the emotions felt at the time of impact can also become trapped there. An example of this could be a whiplash injury. The individual can go through months of physical therapy and their neck feels better but as soon as they sit behind the driving wheel the neck starts feeling tight, sore and the anxiety and fear returns.

In many instances I can help release this physically but in some cases the emotional trauma runs deeper than expected and can attach itself into other traumas and into different life events. NLP can help with these instances and can also help others who do not feel there is a physical connection to their issues or who just want to find a way to deal with their anxieties, fears, stresses without getting hands on. The tools provided during NLP sessions can help people really develop themselves into the best version of themselves and to let go of past baggage.

I want to be able to assist people to become the best version of themselves both physically and emotionally. People finding their own strengths and their true voice can be so beautiful and humbling. Self empowerment, self determination and self love will be the future of Realign and Revive.

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