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Change doesn't necessarily need to be a negative thing although most of us view it that way. It can lead to new things, new possibilities, a better healthier way of being.

Realign and Revive is always adapting and making little changes that most people don't notice as they are so small it doesn't normally affect the outcome of your visit.

I decided a while ago to let go of a few treatments that just weren't bringing in the clients (even though people asked for them). Every so often I check in with what treatments are popular at Realign and Revive and which are not. I even check in with myself and how I feel about the different treatments. I decided to have a wee reshuffle and drop a few treatments but the one I have a few enquiries about is Sports massage. It doesn't feel very me anymore. I actually removed it from the booking system months ago but still had people booking a different massage and writing in the comments section "sports". (Some people I okayed to do this others I didn't.)

I genuinely feel there are better treatments available than the sports massage people have been asking for. For pain management I have other tools such as KCR, CTR, Kinesiology taping, Cupping, Swedish massage and even Himalayan hot stone massage. They each offer a different approach to resolving pain but all can do a fantastic job at pain management and pain reduction.

So Sports massage is no longer a thing at Realign and Revive and if I'm being honest I don't see me bringing it back. It doesn't fit with where I see the business going or who I am.

Julie ❤️


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