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Let's talk Coffee (or anything else you want to cut back on)...

Let's talk Coffee.

So many people over the last 10 years have talked to me about their coffee habit. Yip I said habit. Like it's an addiction.

For so many people they say they can't start their day or even cope without their coffee but at the same time complain about feeling wired, unable to sleep or having other health issues such as constantly needing the loo or even having heart palpitations. They know they are connected but at the same time say how hard it is to stop drinking coffee.

News flash is you don't need to stop completely but probably cut down by a few cups per day.

My tried and tested method for reducing consumption of something (for me it was cola) was to do it a bit at a time. Literally replacing one cup/ glass/ mouthful with something else, preferably a healthier option.

So for coffee I say pick a cup at a certain time of the day ( it could be your morning cup, 1st break at work cup, lunch cup, you get the drift) and have a glass of water or fruit juice instead. Just one cup at the same time each day. You will actually find it much easier than you expect. Once that cup has became part of your routine (maybe a week or two) you pick another cup/ time to replace your coffee with water/ fruit juice and so on.

You never need to completely give up your coffee but by cutting it down to a more manageable level your health will than you for it.

I can give you added help/ support if needed but it really can be that simple.

Julie ❤️


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