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Realign and Revive Update!!!

Oh wow it has been a while since I done a wee blog post on here. I hadn't realised just how long it has been but I haven't posted here since 2019. Oops. Sorry. I will do my best to post at least every 2 months to keep everyone up to date with everything Realign and Revive.

As a few of you are aware I have decided to re-evaluate the business, treatments and where I want to see the business going in the future. When I look back on my journey through education and starting the business I realise that the business is completely different to the one I originally set out to have. From this I have made a few decisions over what treatments I am keeping and which I will say a fond farewell to.

I have already started to implement many of the changes in the business that will help the business grow and thrive for the next few years. That being said other changes will be implemented over the coming weeks and months to bring the business back into alignment with my vision of and for the business.

Some of the treatments that will be leaving include Sports massage/ deep tissue massage and dry cupping. Some of these just don't align well with my vision and others are not as popular as I expected them to be. There will be others going as well but these are the first for the chopping block. As treatments are removed I may just bring back old treatments that I have not offered in a while and I will certainly be adding new treatments and options that bring the business into my vision of where it should be.

There is so much going on in the world right now and I know it is time to Realign the business and Revive my old vision of where I want to be taking this into the future.

Julie <3


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